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The natural goodness of Goat Milk

It has long been a bit of a mum's secret that goat milk is natural, easy to digest, and delicious. Kabrita has harnessed the gentle benefits of goat milk into our line of Goat Milk Foods, designed for babies and toddlers.There are a number of important differences between cow milk and goat milk. Is goat milk extraordinary? We think so!

Origin of Goat Milk

Goat milk has been utilised for human consumption since the 17th century, when recognition emerged due to its bountiful nutritional value. It has been known for centuries that goat milk was widely consumed in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, and was used extensively by mothers to replace cow's milk. 

Goat milk farming and rearing have broadened to a plethora of European countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Asia, and the US along with the Middle East whilst gaining the interest of parents who actively seek milk-based formulas that meet a child’s nutritional needs.

Why Goat Milk?

As a perfect alternative to breast milk, goat milk has great digestive properties, lower allergy risks, and promotes better brain and gut health. Goat milk-based products can help your baby or toddler enjoy the delicious taste of dairy as well as its countless benefits. A goat milk formula is also easily digestible by little tummies , providing your baby with a perfect blend of minerals and softer curd to alleviate any indigestion issues.

What makes Goat Milk better?

Compared to cow milk, goat milk protein forms a smaller, softer, and looser curd in the tummy, leading to quick and easy digestion giving  less colics and gases.The fats in goat milk are also naturally easy to digest. They are smaller than cow milk fats and rich in beneficial short and medium chain fatty acids.
Compared to cow milk, goat milk contains more gut-supportive prebiotic oligosaccharides.

Goat milk is rich in critical nutrients. Compared to cow milk, it has shown superior mineral bioavailability.

* Not suitable for children with confirmed cow milk protein allergy.

Reasons to Choose Goat Milk over Cow Milk

While distinguishing between goat milk and cow milk can be a bit tricky, it's worth noting that goat milk has skyrocketed in popularity due to its natural easy digestion and mild taste. In instances where finding the right formula for your baby is an overwhelming process, goat milk can be the better choice for your child.

As a mother, there might be concerns regarding the digestion of milk, healthier forms of fat, organic certifications, and even spontaneous instances in which your baby can be lactose-intolerant. A baby's delicate dietary system needs essential protein components, and goat milk eases digestion more than cow milk.

Choosing Kabrita Goat Milk formula

Naturally easy to digest, goat milk is an ideal protein base for baby formula. Like cow milk, goat milk must also be adapted and fortified to meet the specific nutritional needs of little ones.

At Kabrita, as we are experts in goat milk, we walk through this process carefully and mindfully, using the highest quality, European ingredients with no GMOs, crafting a safe and gentle formula, with a mild and sweet taste.