Mother’s Health: Breastfeeding

Mother’s Health: Breastfeeding
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Here are some tips to help you provide healthy milk and improve your post-delivery weight and health.

  • Drink plenty of liquids:
    • 8 cups of fluids per day
    • If fluid is not adequately taken, the breast milk volume could be affected.
    • drink while breastfeeding
    • limit intake of herbal infusions as they may lead to nausea and vomiting in the child
    • avoid alcohol
    • limit coffee, tea, sodas (beverages containing caffeine)
  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Eat at least three nutritious meals per day: DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST
    Like candy bars, soda pops, doughnuts, chips.
  • Eat about 500 Kcal per day more than you used to before pregnancy example of 500 kcal food in the table below:

Grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of home made vegetable soup

1 large bowl of cereals with milk, fruit, and fruit juice

A large plate of vegetable salad with a grilled chicken breast

3 cups of milk or skimmed yogurt

  • Avoid strong flavored foods and spices such as garlic, onions; cumin as it may alters the flavor of breast milk.
  • Use herbal teas with caution.
  • Vigorous dieting will lead to decreased milk production.
  • Once lactation is well established you can decrease the energy intake with the help of the Dietician.

Here are some healthy snacks for you

  • Sandwich with hard cheese in whole wheat bread
  • 1 tea cup of nuts and raisins
  • 4 dried prunes
  • 1 piece of fruit cake home made
  • 1 large green apple
  • Carrots and broccoli
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Yogurt with bran flakes
    • Milkshake made with skimmed milk
    • A cup of milk with 1 banana
    • 3 toasts with skimmed labneh


  • It’s preferable not to exercise prior to breastfeeding.
  • Exercise after breastfeeding or at least 2 hours before breastfeeding
  • Lactating exercising women should be extremely vigilant of their fluid intake.

Caffeine content of beverages and some foods


Average mg Caffeine

Coffee (5oz cup)

  • Brewed
  • Instant
  • Decaffeinated(brewed or instant)


  • 80-115
  • 65
  • 3

Tea (5 oz cup)

  • Brewed
  • Instant
  • Iced (12 oz cup)


  • 40-60
  • 30
  • 70

Soft drink (12 oz can)

Cola and cherry cola

  • Regular
  • Diet
  • Caffeine free




  • 30-46
  • 0-35
  • 0- trace
  • Cocoa beverages (5 oz cup)
  • 4
  • Milk chocolate candy (1 oz)
  • 6